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Tasty Tuesday The Outdoors Wife

I CAN cook. By far, I am no gourmet cook. I actaully hate 99% of all fruits and vegetables. Yes, growing up was pretty rough, especially when I ( and my parents!!) found out our German Shepard, Missy, didn’t care for the vegetables I so generously gave her under the table every night.

Regardless, I still made sure my children ate their veggies growing up and luckily the Hubby  pretty much likes most of them. The Hubby, like me, is a meat and potatoes kind of guy and also likes his meat cooked well done. YAY ME! For my father, this was an absolute crime against beef.  So much so, that I would refuse to even make him a hamburger due to his lack of self restraint letting me know how much I over cooked his burger. EVERY TIME. Like I should of just threw some raw meat on a bun and I would of been much closer to getting it right. But in Dad’s defense, he was very much more the food connoisseur and enjoyed a widely diverse flavor pallette, way past the scope of my tolerance/taste buds!

Anyway, over the years of marriage  and children, sometimes even the most boring eater such as myself needs to shake things up and try something new. I personally don’t do it very often, but you can bet you will know when I did, well, providing I liked it! Being my family hunts we have access to other meats than the average Joe. Meats such as venison aka deer meat. A lot of people tend to think deer meat is to “gamey” and to cook it using a variety of marinades. Me, of all people, LOVE it just grilled with some garlic salt and I’m all kinds of happy.

In a nut shell, Tasty Tuesday is a day for great recipes to try. Yes, there will be a lot of them for game meats but not all of them. Even so, any game meat can be substituted for beef or chicken, just use your imagination! Be sure to stop by on Tuesdays to see what cooking!


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