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The Big Bad Bird Hunter

The Nights Are Getting Colder

When October rolls in, it brings with it chilly mornings and nights, and often, really warm afternoons. There is somebody in the house who doesn’t need to look outside or check in with the weatherman to know what time of year it is. It’s time for hunting. Even earlier, starts bow season, which is way to early for me cause I feel like I should wear my bathing suit, it’s just to hot. But Cami. our German Short Hair Pointer, as soon as those chilly nights start you can bet she has an agenda come morning!

big bad bird hunter 5

Gorgeous morning for bird hunting today!

It’s Hunting Season!

Welcome bird season and this year’s big bad hunter: ME. Actually , that is so not true. Unlike the males that I hunt with,  my ego doesn’t swell, and expand, when other males are around. When a bird goes up and I shoot, I yell:  I GOT IT! Or even if I shoot 3 times and  someone  else shoots once after me…I still GOT IT!! And then I laugh  and laugh and laugh. This annoys the hell out of the Hubby.  He ego reassures him all the time that he is the only one among us who can hit the birds. HA! this wife doesn’t care, I shot, I got the bird hehehehe. Now that Manboy is older, he has some serious competition. Not for nothing, but they are both pretty impressive. The only other person I know that can give the Hubby a run for his money is his nephew David (they are only 6 months apart). I hunted with the two of them once…talk about some serious pressure! Yes they were gentlemanly and let me have first shot, figuring I will miss then they can shoot. This is pretty much the norm for us anyway , so I don’t mind, BUT!!!! having these two behind me chomping at the bit like to race horses who wanted to leave the gate 5 minutes ago..and they have guns ready to shoot…. OH HELL NO! Never again!


big bad bird hunter 2


A New Family Member

A little over a year ago we adopted Cami from a family who could no longer keep her. She was about 5 years old at the time. We had recently lost both our bird dogs to cancer, one in the spring and the other managed to stay around and make sure he got some bird hunting in before he would say goodbye. Then for the first time in over 20 years we had no dog during bird season. that was tough! So since right now the Hubby doesn’t have his license, I hunt and he works with Cami. If there is one thing that is really annoying, is a bird dog that flushes the birds out instead of holding a point, or they decide to go in and catch the bird. Cami was guilty of both, but only because of a lack of being in the field. She had gotten hurt previously  and couldn’t go out. So what she really needed was some re training especially since she was also hunting with new people.

big bad bird hunter 1

Making sure Cam holds her point

A Little Schooling

The first week out for the season, it was OK.  Being over anxious, birds were flushed and flying way out of sight or she mauled the ones she did get. This past Sunday I winded up being the only person in the gun club that was going hunting, so I had 9 birds all to myself. So we stocked 5 of the birds. Hubby had put a long rope on Cami and when she went on point he would grab the rope. Getting closer and closer to Cami, he would direct her to hold (stay in place). This would continue and then I would go in and kick up the bird. We are trying to keep Cami from breaking point till the bird is up and flying.  1. So she doesn’t flush the bird out and 2. so she doesn’t decide to just grab it. With each bird she did better and better.

Second Time Around

Since the rope really puts a drag on Cam and wears her out, we decided to leave and come back after I went to church. A little rest, a little food and a little bit of prayer and we were set for another round. This time we had 4 hen birds who were all pretty small.  We have wire cages that we put them in and then put them out in the fields. We repeated the process with Hubby grabbing the rope when she would go on point. This time around Cami brought a little extra to the table. Now she was more intense about what she was doing and you could see it just radiating off of her. It was beautiful!  We repeated the whole thing about 6 times and then let the birds loose and hunted. Cami, even though we knew she was getting tired, was doing better than ever. Even the birds were getting mauled less!!(Thank God! said the cook!).

big bad bird hunter 6

Who got the bird? Me or hunting pal, Loren? Did you even read this post? Then you would always know the answer!

Murphy’s Law

So of course now that Cami was on fire, somebody had to be the loser of the day. remember me saying I had the birds all to myself ? Say Hello to the “Dork Of The Day”. I don’t know if I was daydreaming, focusing to hard or maybe there just wasn’t anything between my ears at all, but man was I having some issues. The first I missed. Cami is being all perfect on point and I walk in kicking the grass around when all of a sudden this brown thing goes scurrying through the grass and over my foot. Oh yeah, guess who started screaming and jumping around like a big freaking girl???? So then “it” stopped to look at the ruckus going on when I  realized it was “the bird”. Ah hell, it went up and I couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn at that point. In the meantime the Hubby is yelling “What the hell is wrong with you??? I swear, no lie, there were 2 other birds that decided to fly literally right in back of me.  I don’t know if I stepped on them first or what. Yes, I seem to startle easy, but the one even hit me in the head and I DID get that one!


The Big Bad Bird Hunter

Oh yeah, I’m a big bad bird hunter alright. I keep that crap up, Cami is going to lock the bedroom door, and make me stay home. Oh well, I still had fun! I did a lot of laughing and Cami really did a great job this weekend. The weather was gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky. And my back held out a lot longer than usual which is a major plus. But, alas, the day still isn’t over to you clean the birds. Guess who decided to punish herself and made up her mind she would de feather the birds for Thanksgiving? I got out the turkey fryer pot and got some water heated up just like I saw on google. First bird, not so bad. Second bird  definitely easier. The rest, hell with this  and I just took the breast out like usual. Next week though I am going to de feather some more cock birds for fryer for Thanksgiving!

big bad bird hunter 3

Going to attempt to de feather the birds…


Coming Soon: Dog Training and Frying Turkeys For Thanksgiving!

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