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Did You Check Your Gear Before Going Out?

Did You Check Your Gear Before Going Out the outdoors wife

No doubt whenever something goes wrong you are always asked what seems to be the dumbest questions ever, right? Did you check your gear before going out???? You know the kind that want to make you do a big DUUUHHHHHHHHHH while screwing your face all up so you look like the total moron you must be that you are even being asked said question. So, did I check the dog’s electronic collar and remote before going out bird hunting Sunday morning? Nope. And just great, Manboy decided to invite a friend too. And the day proceeded to get freaking better and better.

Did You Check Your Gear Before Going Out

And there goes the bird….

Colorful Language & “Lingos”

Thank God the Hubby stayed home that day or you would probably been able to hear his most likely very colorful language within the entire tri-state region. Me, on the other hand, was already having a bad week and was just to worn out to muster up much more than: “Damnit this sucks, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn”. And with each whine I tried to brighten my mood with the observance of the fine beautiful morning it was. Another “Bluebird Sky”….yeah, that little diddy explaining the cloudless day, makes me cringe every time I hear fishermen say it, but I guess every sport has to have their own lingo.

the outdoors wife checking your gear before going out

Maybe it didn’t actually look like this, just FELT like it.

Should of Known

I should of known the day was going to hell when we were stocking the birds, and of course we were way on the other side of this huge field, when the dog, Cami, decided she waited long enough, and squeezed her ass out of the partly open window. Now you know who didn’t even bother to take the remote control for her collar right? Just so you know: we use electronic collars on our dogs when hunting. They have a “Beep” mode, a “Nick” mode and a shock. Pretty much the dogs only need to be “beeped”, they know that means to stop, find us and get their behinds back to us. The particular unit we have is for two dogs, so each “beep” sounds different as well so even if you can’t see the dogs, you can still know which one you “hear”. Any other measure is only used in extreme cases such as running towards a busy road. Well it didn’t matter really, cause the the damn thing was stone dead.

Did You Check Your Gear Before Going Out?

Dogstra 2 Dog Training Collar, the newest version of the collars that we use.



Wild Free Abandon

Do you know what happens when a bird dog realizes they have free reign? Well you can bet they aren’t going to be hunting for you sucker! No point even bothering to yell, cause the dog just became suddenly tone deaf. ” All mine Precious, the birds are all mine”… I swear I could hear that emitting off her body to, freaking brat.  Didn’t she know what a crappy week it’s been? You think she could show just a tiny bit of compassion for the humility  At the very, very least, I had attached a check cord to her collar already which would tire her out faster. HA! faster than what? Not before getting to the birds way before us and deciding she had enough waiting. So, in otherwise, the work we did with her last week completely escaped her little freedom soaring memory. UGH UGH and double freaking UGH.

the outdoors wife loser

How I felt getting in the car to go home. UGH


Hey Genius, Did You Check Your Gear Before Going Out?

And up, up and away the birds went one after the other. Luckily one decided to fly back in my direction and I got that one. Whoopee, one bird. Bah Humbug. I was planning on de feathering the day’s birds for Thanksgiving for the deep fryer too, yeah oh well, not happening this week. The moral of this story, do what you are suppose to do before you do something, anything. If you know you are going to need equipment, make sure your equipment works…BEFORE leaving the house!!!!!

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