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My Dream Home- A Lakeside Cabin


My Dream Home- A Lakeside Cabin

Nothing beats a great view.

A Room With A View

First, above all else, my dream home has to have a place to sit outside. That said I absolutely have to have a porch, this way if it’s raining I can still still outside. Yes, I will sit outside in the winter, snuggle in a big comforter and read a book, or fall asleep listening to the rain, or under the stars by a fire. Even better, is a view. I suppose that is why I like sunsets. They happen everywhere every day and don’t cost a thing to enjoy.

My Dream Home- A Lakeside Cabin


For my dream house, I would be torn because I love wood and I love stone. A mix of both would be perfect. Like a log cabin with stone front and porch! I have a cousin who bought a log cabin  “kit”, on ebay for $10,000, years ago. You could have the kit delivered and put it together yourself or for extra costs, you could have it assembled for you. You still had to take care of the foundation and finishing work either way. Since he worked in construction he did the work himself, with the help of his wife, while living in a trailer till it was done. When finished, they had a beautiful 3 bedroom home with cathedral ceiling in the living room plus a loft, 2 full baths and kitchen. The Kitchen. OMG. I wish I had pictures because it is exactly what I want in my house, and is in the plan. Not sure when this plan in going to happen but it will and it will be me and Manboy doing it ourselves too! The most gorgeous thing: live edge wood counters. Serious, we’re talking spectacular!

The Kitchen

So again, I absolutely want live edge wood counters! I prefer darker woods so to balance that I must have lots of windows. Would love to have a ceiling with big old beams going across and if a stone wall could find its way in there somewhere that would be the Da Bomb for sure.

Living Room

The biggest feature that would be a must have: a big stone fire place with a huge live edge mantel. I would like to have a big ledge in front of it that is big enough to sit on with a solid piece of stone across it. (Not picky am I?) Some sliding glass doors leading out to a big deck would be great to. Oh and maybe some furniture?


Dining Room

I don’t really need a dining room, but if I have a big enough house to have one, than let’s do it.  I want to be able to seat at least 10 people and of course I have to have a live edge  wood table, maybe  out of Black Walnut . Would LOVE LOVE LOVE if the base could be made fro a stump or two! For lighting, either a chandelier made from antlers or an old wooden wagon wheel.


Stone, give me more stone in here, or tile that looks like old stone. And since this is my dream house I definitely want a Jacuzzi for my overworked aching body. Yes, I was gardening today and I over did it again, I need this, I deserve this…..It’s my dream so SHHHH! For lights, how about some old dock lamps?

Front Porch

AHHHH the front porch, one of my most favorite places to be! I don’t really need anything but a comfy chair to park my butt and a nice view. The rest of you can take care of yourselves. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a fireplace here too? OK, maybe a swing here would be cool as well? Ever see those ones made from pallets? That could be a major cool item!



A deck, or patio, out the backside of the house would be competition for the front porch.  I LOVE being outside and these would no doubt be my favorite spots. A fireplace, a fire pit, a chimenea,  anything with a fire going in it would be a must have. I sit around a fire all year long regardless of the temperature, with the exception of a really gross, hot and humid, summer night, than it’s just tiki torches for me. Having some comfy furniture is also a “gotta have it”. If I was to have a completely rain proof area I would probably even add a  big screen TV out there.



My pool. Oh how lovely those words sound! In my perfect little dream world, my in ground pool would have a “beach entrance” so you could wade in. A must have: boulders and rocks of course!  A waterfall would be cool, and a slide! In a nut shell, I would be over the moon for the pool to have a more natural type look to it, as if it were always suppose to be there as part of the landscape.

 Where Would I Live? My Dream Home- A Lakeside Cabin.

Now if I could live on the shore of a lake (with NOT a lot of other people nearby,no offense) and have a boathouse and dock, OK, even just a dock would be great .  A lakeside cabin would be HEAVEN. The Hubby would probably love it to. Another must have for me, windows. Not really a fan of wall to wall windows, but I absolutely can not stand being in places without them.  It really creeps me out.  Like at casinos and interior hallways in hospitals, no windows, so you have no idea what time of day it is. In a nutshell I really am pretty low maintenance and don’t need much to make me happy. I definitely don’t want anything huge, cause I sure as hell don’t want to have to clean it. there are way to many things I want to spend my time doing and cleaning is NOT one of them!



With a reasonable amount of money available (I’m not talking about winning the lottery here, OK, maybe a little)

Where would you live, and what would your dream house look like and have in it?

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