Outdoor Life

Outdoor Life

There Is A LOT To Do Outside!

My outdoor life focuses on sharing adventures, as well as the gear I use when out hunting, fishing, gardening, kayaking, hiking and whatever else I feel like doing on any given day.  I LOVE being outside so it doesn’t take much to get me to try anything new if it means I’m out of the house. Last year Mammaduke and I went on a treetop obstacle course and zip lining….but that ‘s a story for another day! Did I mention that I am no spring chicken?

At The Time

My current living situation consists of the Hubby, Manboy and I.  For personal reasons I haven’t hunted much (just some bird hunting here and there) the past 10 years and it was a great time for the boys to spend time together and bond. Early on when the Hubby and I first met, we did a lot of hunting together. I had already started deer hunting “buck season” (I’ll explain more later on for those who need it) the year before we met, and since then took up bow hunting. I really should of paid a lot more attention than I did because 25+ years later, if I had to go buy my own arrows and broad heads (broad what?), I would be the the dork walking around picking up pretty colored arrows wondering if they would work OK.

When Your Kids Think They Are Smarter Than You

This would also be the time now, that my son thinks he knows more than me (which he does about some/a lot of things). He also thinks he has much more experience. My favorite Redneck just turned 21 in August, he has  been hunting since age 12. So the math works out like this: Hunter #9 years hunting – Mom #20 years hunting, and yes that is even after deducting the past 10. So he can be a bit condescending, though I can’t help feel that being a “girl” has something to do with it…

“Why should we put up deer stands for you and you don’t have to help?” “I don’t know, I don’t wear your clothes before “I” wash them do I? and you don’t mind eating the food that “I” cooked…”

You get where I’m going with this argument right?  But still, he does know a lot more about guns than I do. What? you want me to get MY gun from the cabinet? I’ll be back in a half hour after I figure out which one it is. The boys: 2 seconds.  We’ll cover “shells” on a later date. And no, I am not talking by the seashore kind, nor am I talking about bullets.

Outdoor Life, Share the Adventure

EVERYBODY WELCOME! So if you’re a gal (guys always welcome too!) and your interested in doing some “guy” stuff (or just about anything outside?), or maybe you just want to understand the passion or language they speak, here’s the place to ask and learn, without any fear of looking like an idiot in the process. But then again, so what if you do?!!??? We can all laugh together!!!

Outdoor life

Diana Goddess of the Hunt



  1. Axton

    I used to go horseback riding on weekends, loved it. But lately I am a bit busy (and lazy i must admit) to go riding. I always felt good after riding because i can totally relax and be in a stress free state when i am riding, and also because i knew i did some good exercise for my body which i totally need it. I have to get the motivation back to ride..

    1. Donna (Post author)

      I grew up riding horses all the time, I miss it, but the riding here in Jersey is just not the same. I don’t want to see houses and people when I’m riding!

  2. Derek

    Great post!

    I love going on hikes and exploring, but it just seems like life has too much of a hold on me right now that I can’t. But I will soon.

    Thanks for the read.

    1. Donna (Post author)

      I know the feeling, I need a couple of clones to do, or make, all the stuff I want to do!!!!

  3. Dara

    There’s a treetop obstacle course and a zip line at our zoo! I still haven’t tried them; I’m usually at the zoo with all the kids at once so it’s hard to try anything myself. I’d love to hear that story!
    I’m waiting for when my boys think they’re smarter than me. Then again they might end up smarter than me since I plan to teach them everything I know 😉 Ha!
    My oldest, who is 7, is dead set on building his own tree fort in our back woods once spring arrives again. It’s so much fun to be outdoors!

    1. admin

      Get a babysitter & go!!! and then when the kids are a little bigger, take them and do it again!!!! Building tree forts is awesome, when I lived in Staten Island as a kid, a bare lot with a tree had kids making forts in it, on it, you name it. No matter which way you look at it, still better than sitting in fornt of a TV or attach to a cell phone. AHVE FUN!

  4. Brad

    Awesome themed site for outdoor lovers. Personally, I enjoy backpacking. I just finished a 15 mile backpacking trip at Devil’s Den in Arakansas. Last year I hiked Devil’s Den on opening day of the hunting season. Sometimes I felt like I was the hunted!! My favorite hike of all time was the Narrows at Zion National Park. Are you aware of any other exceptional hiking trails?!

    1. Donna (Post author)

      Thanks for stopping by Brad! A 15 mile backpacking trip??? Did in you do that in one day? I am hoping to get into hiking and especially to get to go to other parks outside of Jersey, so I’m sure you no doubt know a lot more than I do!!!!

  5. MelindaH

    I never really got into hunting, but I always went to deer camp with my first husband. My 2nd husband doesn’t hunt anymore, but he has been talking about getting back into it.
    I used to love to fish, but haven’t done that in years. I really want to start fishing again, but my “other” life has been getting in the way. Long story. Won’t be much longer and I will be back on the fish bank.
    Something random: I was at a festival yesterday and won a deer blind for my son. He was stoked! 🙂
    Happy Hunting!
    ~ Melinda

    1. admin

      What kind of fishing do you like? The Hubby is pretty much all about bass fishing while Manboy fishes for everything under the sun in every kind of weather all year round, in other words he is a complete fishaholic. Sounds like your son made out good! way to go Mom!

      1. Melinda

        My son told me that it was the best present he had ever received. 🙂

        Crappie is my favorite fish, but I also like bass and brim. I can eat catfish, but I have to cut the red out and soak it in mustard to get rid of that “muddy” taste. I like trout, but don’t get ahold of that much. When purchasing from the store, I usually buy cod. Not sure what it is about Salmon, but I don’t seem to like it much.


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