Opening Day Trout Season Recipes


Opening Day Trout Season Recipes

Opening Day Of Trout Season In New Jersey!

Seriously, I don’t know how these people can do this, side by side, only inches apart…How the Hell is everybody’s lines not tangled up all over the place????  I would be screaming about my “personal space” all over the place if I didn’t just wear a sign or t-shirt that stated to stay at least 10 feet away from me at all times.

True Story: I have been known to literally draw a circle around  “My Spot” when at the beach. Animals mark their territory, I don’t see why I can’t too!

That said, in all honesty, i will go to lengths to find a spot to be by myself.  If you were to ever watch me & the Hubby fishing at a pond, it wouldn’t take long to notice that I will ALWAYS be opposite of wherever he is. I don’t know how these guys can stand fishing on top of one another, it’s crazy!  OK, so personally, that is just me. Whatever way you enjoy fishing is completely up to you, as well as how you like your prized catch cooked when you get home.

Opening Day Trout Season PRINTABLE Recipes

Below is a diverse selection of ingredients, cooking methods and styles to please hopefully anyone and everyone. All recipes are in a PDF form so they can easily be printed out.

Blackened Trout

Stuffed Baked Trout

Mustard and Herb-Crusted Trout

Crispy Oven-Baked Trout

Rainbow Trout Tacos

Baked Trout Amandine

Honey & Thyme Grilled Trout

Maple Glazed Trout

Spicy Baked Trout

Bacon Wrapped Trout with Pesto

For more great Trout recipes check out my board on Pinterest!

Please let me know if you try any of these. I would love to hear your opinions or if you have a favorite recipe of your own you would like to share!



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  1. Jim

    Your bacon wrapped trout recipe sounds good to me. I like trout, but actually don’t eat it that much. We have fresh trout available all the time, well, not in the winter, because there’s a creek just behind the house. Also we used to go up into the mountains, we live at the foot of the mountains, and we’d ride horseback and go to our favorite fishing spots and catch nice brook trout and some rainbows, and have them for supper. When we used to have a hunting camp, we’d hunt in the early morning and the evening, and fish during the middle of the day. It was great fun. What a great way to spend a day or a weekend.

    1. Donna (Post author)

      WOW! where do you live??? It’s sounds fantastic!!!! I had horses all while growing up, riding to favorite spots sounds like Heaven!!!!

      1. Jim

        We live just outside of Buffalo Wyoming (my wife and I that is) When we first moved here, (about 41 years ago), we would keep our horses in our backyard. After work in the summer, we’d trailer the horses to the foot of the mountain, ride up a pretty steep canyon, go across a clearing on top, and drop down to the creek, where we’d fish for about an hour. Then we’d ride back out, and be home about dark. It felt like a perpetual vacation! We can also ride from the house, and cross a couple neighboring ranches and go right up into the National Forest. It’s truly heaven. We had an elk camp about two and a half hours away. The drive was about an hour from our house, up the mountain to where we’d park the trailer, then about an hour and a half ride in with the horses. We used to like to archery hunt in September when the elk would rut. That is so exciting! I’m gonna keep browsing your site, Lots of good reading here. Se ya soon, Jim.

        1. Donna (Post author)

          AWWW GEEEZZZ you’re so making me want to Move out west!!!!!! Going to have to add Wyoming to my Bucket list now!!!!!

  2. James W D

    Glad I came across this article as it is about Trout season in my neck of the woods too. My neighbor loves to fish, but he isn’t as big of a fan of eating them. His wife makes some really good Trout Cakes (like a crab cake), but having some variety is always a good thing. I will be sure to mention this to her!

    1. Donna (Post author)

      I don’t eat fish either! But my son started cooking them when we moved here. Before that, it all bass fishing. We have a small stream that runs in back of our yard that gets stocked, so of course we had to start trout fishing! I recently started trying to cook fish, another reason I decided to check out so many recipes. Now just need to get me some on Saturday!


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