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make an income from home

Do you like to write or talk? Have you thought about working from home?

If you have a computer and an internet connection I can help show you the way to make an income from home. A real deal!

Back in 2007 I was laid off my job and like many others that year began unemployment.  Seems everybody was competing for the same jobs. I went to one interview and found out I was one of 400 applicants.  I live in a rural area!  I winded up one of the “99ers” whose unemployment ran its course with still no job in sight.

While “surfing the web’ one morning I came across a blogging site where the owner made the most incredible stuff from old cast off junk.  She turned this passion of hers into a money making income while she stayed home and raised her children. How? By integrating affiliate marketing with her blog.

Sounds Great Right?

I thought so! So I proceeded to try and figure out this blogging stuff. I did OK. Even had a couple of loyal fans pretty early. BUT, the affiliate part left me confused, frustrated and with a very colorful choice sort of words to say the very least!  I kept trying, but eventually gave up.

Now that another job has come and gone, I decided to try and find work online. The blogging idea raised its head and began calling me again. After days of searching through website after website trying to figure what is legit and what is not, I winded up at Wealthy Affiliate.

To Good Too Be True?

HMMMM…. They want to teach me how to do affiliate marketing AND they will give me TWO FREE websites.  I could do this forever they say. I would also have access to some of their premium website training for 7 days as well as a number of other perks. Seriously?  Has to be too good to be true. Well of course it sure sounded like it!   So I spent the next 6 hours straight trying to find a bad review on this company. Just one, any one. Know what I found? Nothing but fans!!!
make an income from home

Everything I Ever Wanted In One Place!

The whole time I was trying to figure out affiliate marketing, I always felt like I was missing an important part of the puzzle. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  Finally I found what I have been looking for, for years! Everything I needed, wanted to learn, was all in one place.  I signed up! I still spent another couple of hours trying to find a flaw, instead it just kept getting better and better. I was actually going to finally learn this stuff! YAY ME! I only lasted 3 days before knowing I wanted to go Premium and have not regretted one moment!

 Starter Membership: FREE!

Premium Membership: $47 monthly 

* Special Discounted Pricing For Paying Annually 


make an income from home

Endless Training To Make An Income From Home

Besides the “Getting Started” and “Affiliate Bootcamp”, there are 100’s of videos (even regularly scheduled Live training videos!), tutorials, classrooms and courses. If that isn’t enough, there are 1,000’s of other people just like you in the WA community. Everybody helps everybody. It is absolutely amazing and you will never feel alone. There will always be someone available to help you figure things out when you feel stuck or not sure what to do. Click Here for more details on the awesome Wealthy Affiliate program.  Sign up today and learn to make an income from home!

make an income from home

Learn To Blog and Monetize With Affiliate Marketing




  1. Jose

    Hey Donna,
    Very well written page, I appreciate the fact that you can talk about programs such as these that can literally improve thousands of lives. The program Wealthy Affiliate is extraordinary and does teach you indeed. I myself signed up for it and received tremendous value, and now have a website of my own that I make money off of every week. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wants to make money while working from home. Thanks,

    1. Donna (Post author)

      LOVE WA! Really appreciate the constant support & non stop training & classes avavilable!

  2. Riaz Shah

    Hey Donna,
    Beautifully written! I love your page, I can totally vouch for you on WA, the websites you will be making here is definitely the best you can ever have because over here, we’ll learn howto rank on the first page of Google.

    When I first joined, I had no idea how everything works or how the internet works for that matter as I come from a country with super slow internet speed so I don’t spend much time online.

    But after trying, I was blown away and now, I’ve been a member for close to 2 years. Highly recommended for serious entrepreneurs!

    1. Donna (Post author)

      WOW thanks for stopping by! You definitely justified my being here once again! Gotta get back to the grind!

  3. Viljoen

    Hi Donna

    I also have a pointer at home. He even learned how to climb trees LOL. Blogging is so easy that everyone can do it. A couple of years ago you had to learn how to code and use html but luckily with content management systems such as WordPress it is so much easier to manage and build your website.

    Will remember this article for future reference.

    1. Donna (Post author)

      YES! They can be quite the rascals!!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by & hope to see you back here! Donna

  4. Tempest

    This page is extremely well done, and I love how you set it all up and discussed everything. The personality within here was evident, and it kept me interested throughout the whole thing. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely an amazing site to use for work at home, and you definitely made that clear.


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