Friday Funnies: When Your Car Is More Than Just A Car

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When Your Car Is More Than Just A Car

Some people are just a little bit crazy about their cars.  For some that means keeping it immaculate and in perfect mechanical health at all times. Or maybe it’s a showpiece or status symbol. Maybe it’s a work horse or a giant gas eating toy to pull tractors with or romp in the mud.

2002 Ford Explorer

I’m crazy about my 2002 Ford Explorer. I’ve had her for over 10 years now. She takes me to visit family whether its in the Catskills Mountains, Brooklyn or by the beach. She has spent many a weekend loaded with dog crates, hunting dogs, guns, pheasants and the family during bird hunting season. She has towed our Polaris Sportsman upstate to take my Dad up this impossible, leg  muscle breaking hill to his favorite hunting spot up on the ridge.  And while her engine wasn’t really built for it, she has hauled the Hubby’s bass boat to the lake.

My Car Is Just Like Me

Her everyday routine usually consists of running around with me and the Dashing Duo:  aka Manny and Cami my dogs.  I love her because like me, she isn’t afraid to get a little dirty when having fun. She has triumphantly earned most of her scars and for those she hasn’t: lesson learned.  She’s may look ordinary, or maybe a bit worse for wear sometimes, but she has a big heart and will take me anywhere I want to go.


Seriously, it’s a freaking car already. Though some people are a bit much aren’t they??? Or are you one of “them”? I suppose I’m just being a little nostalgic since I actually cleaned my car, inside and out, for the first time since….beats the hell out of me. The Hubby came home while I was squatting in the back vacuuming and immediately felt my forehead to see if I was sick.  Cleaning is definitely NOT my thing. And poor Manboy, he doesn’t want anyone to know we’re related after what I did with duct tape on my Explorer. No doubt the Princess will feel the same way. What can I say, this old girl has been a charm for me and I will keep her till the bitter end.

My Girl:

Last summer my back window shattered. The replacement panel was white and I hated it. then Cami chewed up my seat belts and the arm rests during bird season. Might not be as good as new, but I like it better than what it looked like without the duct tape!


Friday Funnies: When Your Car Is More Than Just A Car Friday Funnies: When Your Car Is More Than Just A Car Friday Funnies: When Your Car Is More Than Just A Car Friday Funnies: When Your Car Is More Than Just A Car Friday Funnies: When Your Car Is More Than Just A Car Friday Funnies: When Your Car Is More Than Just A Car

  1. Have A Great Weekend!!!


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  1. Axton

    Haha, I can see why everybody is starting their comments with a “Haha”. It’s a great post, and I envy you that you are having such fun with your car. Never thought of turning a car into a pool,LOL.

    1. Donna (Post author)

      It’s a good thing my car can’t talk too!!!!

  2. Roger


    Great post! Loved that you hadn’t cleaned your car “for the first time since … beats the hell out of me!” I resemble that remark!

    My number one car need: reliability and safety (or is that 2?). After that: color. There is one good color, RED. Not the bright red, more of a burgundy red. I was buying my first new car, and the salesman told me they had no red, but plenty of other colors. I said, “If I’m buying a NEW car, it’s going to be red. Period. Full stop.” Of course HE wanted to sell what was on the lot. So, I went to a competitor. And got my red car.

    In my youth, I drove me and 4 others in a “restored” ’55 Chevy wagon. The paint job was mostly primer (the restoration didn’t get far). We had blankets on the seats since they had metal “springing out” all over. But it took us across the country, TWICE, even though the blinkers didn’t work (who uses them nowadays?), nor did the wipers wipe! I finally refused to drive it after I learned the steering was starting to fail. But it got us where we needed to go (we were a comedy troupe performing at renaissance festivals across the country).

    Thanks for the smiles!


    1. Donna (Post author)

      HA!~ Love it! My require for color is a good dirty color…one that doesn’t show it real well..or scratches to. I LOVE LOVE LOVE renaissance festivals!!!! One of my professors from school is heading to Philly today to play. I would of loved to see your show! I always say I was born on the wrong time era…that would be one of my faves. But no doubt, being a girl fond of adventure I would be in trouble most of my life!! LMAO

  3. Andrew

    Hehehe! 😉 Thanks Donna

    My car gets me from A to B…that’s it!

    This gave me a smile. Great way to end the week!

    1. Donna (Post author)

      Your Welcome!Glad to get you smiling for the weekend!

  4. Zinette Zorzos

    Man! I could totally feel the bond you have with your car. I don’t have such a car… yet. But maybe someday I will.. That Redneck Zombie Assault Vehicle though….

    1. Donna (Post author)

      Having a bond with your car also means ‘YOU KNOW” when something isn’t right. 10+ years together, I know when she isn’t feeling quite right & man do I get ticked when all the men in my life give me the ” yeah, she’s a girl what does she know” look & then pretty much everything I say goes in one ear & out the other. The latest one: after putting in a brand new transmission something wasn’t right. All the men say No, it can’t be. Sent it back. A little tweaking here and there. Again, I say something is right. Now the men are getting pissy at my insistence that something is still wrong with my car. Took my car to someone else. another round of the same BS…..FINALLY I insist my car get thoroughly checked because I KNOW something isn’t right. I just spent over $4,000 BLEEP BLEEP dollars & I expect it to bleep bleep be working correctly…………..Moral of the Story: TRUST YOUR GUT……the new transmission was put in..BUT WITHOUT any transmission fluid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh but what do I know, I’m just a girl…..

  5. Robert

    Ahh, an entertaining website, that’s how it should be ! Thanks for the funnies Donna and YEE HAA ! (I’m from GA.) lol ; )

    1. Donna (Post author)

      Thanks for stopping by! Life’s way to short to not to just enjoy it sometimes!

  6. Jeffrey Kent

    The ole Ford Explorer sounds like she’s earned her place as part of the family.

    Okay, it’s tell the truth time. I don’t clean my Nissan Frontie either, but it’s high time I did.

    The pics are great. I especially like the multi-level redneck condos. They’re the best.

    Thanks for sharing your post.

    1. Donna (Post author)

      I had been helping a family who lost their dog the past few weeks. I put my cameras up in the areas I hunt…but that also meant some 4 wheeling through the muddy fields! haha….to say it needed to be cleaned is not even close!

  7. Emma

    Haha this is a great post! A perfect example of how people seem to “worship” their cars!
    It made me laugh!

    1. Donna (Post author)

      My daughter is one of “them”! She doesn’t dare get dirty like the rest of us!hahah


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